Students Testimonials


Students Testimonials


CODEGIRLS is not just a program of coding websites but a program of coding girls’ personalities. I must say that joining this program has changed my way of thinking and helped me to choose my path of life. Thank you CODEGIRLS !

Erum Fatima

Phase 1 Graduate


I had the privilege of joining Codegirl’s first batch for Frontend development. I am a commerce graduate with little to no knowledge of computer science, but when this program came along, my curiosity and thirst for knowledge and skills got the best of me and I registered. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope and learn it, but I had an amazing teacher who made sure I was learning and retaining information. I went from being a non-techie to being able to lead a team of developers having 3-5 years of experience. This program helped me grow in a career I wouldn’t have ever imagined. I have seen participants landing jobs, freelance gigs and even going onto learning advanced languages and skills. If it wasn’t for Codegirls, I’d still be a non-techie stuck in my previous job. I believe this program can become a firm stepping stone for any girl who wishes to tap into the world of coding later in their professional life or even at the start. Thank you Codegirls for bringing something that was far away from my reach. Looking forward to seeing my fellow Codegirl’s ace their careers!

Farheen Abbas

Phase 1 Graduate


CodeGirls bootcamp was a wish come true when I was looking to learn web development as a skill in a short time. In one line I could say, if you want to learn tech in the most secure, friendly and respective environment, and also get an opportunity to intern then CodeGirls is the bootcamp for you.This program also offers soft skills which is again a nourishment to the soul and motivation for us. It has indeed helped me learn and I wish to go higher in this field..

I see CodeGirls as a small plant whose seeds have been sown with such sincerity that soon in years it will InshaAllah turn into a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers blooming around as a witness of its success and hard work..

Fatema Sadiq

Phase 1 Graduate

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